Concept Board for Mott's Juice Maker



New Mott's Juice Maker is the convenient new way to enjoy delicious, all-natural fruit juices. Because it's a non-frozen juice concentrate, Mott's Juice Maker doesn't require thawing or mashing. Just open, pour and add 3 cans of water to make 48 oz. of delicious, all-natural fruit juice. Or use sparkling mineral water for a refreshing juice sparkler.

Mott's Juice Maker comes in easy-opening recyclable cans that are easy to carry and easy to store in your kitchen cabinet.

End the hassle with frozen concentrate. Try convenient, ready-to-pour Mott's Juice Maker today.

IN REAL FRUIT FLAVORS: Apple Peach Grape Cranberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch


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