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Watch "America's Best College Buys: How to Find Them, How to Finance Them."

Do you have to spend a lot of money to get a top quality education? The answer may surprise you.

Tune in as Money Magazine Television presents an eye-opening special that's a must for anyone who's saving up--or shopping around--for a college education.

Meeting the High Cost of Higher Education.

In a one-hour show packed with valuable information and advice, we'll reveal our exclusive rankings of the best college buys in America today.

We'll demonstrate smart investment strategies for building your college nest egg and guide you through the maze of financial aid and loan options.

Plus, we'll show you how some typical families are giving it the old college try--and succeeding.

Improving Your Scholastic Aptitude.

Watch also as college experts advise you on selecting the right school for your needs.

Learn about the sometimes harsh realities of campus life, and how to factor them into your decision.

Get a clear picture of what it takes to plan, save and prepare for one of life's most important events.

Keep an eye on your local listings for the airing of Money Magazine Television's "America's Best College Buys: How to Find Them. How to Finance Them."

It's an education in itself.

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